What we do

What | The ESG Data Convergence Initiative is an open partnership of private equity stakeholders committed to streamlining the private investment industry’s historically fragmented approach to collecting and reporting ESG data. Our mission is to create a critical mass of meaningful, performance-based, and comparable ESG data from private companies.

Why | We seek to overcome the disparate constellation of ESG performance assessment frameworks and tools in the private equity industry. Converging as an industry on consistent definitions allows general partners (GPs) and their portfolio companies to benchmark their position and generate progress toward ESG improvements while enabling greater transparency and more comparable portfolio information for limited partners (LPs).

How | To create this convergence, the Initiative’s participating firms agree to report on a core set of ESG metrics drawn from existing frameworks. The categories include greenhouse gas emissions, net zero commitment, renewable energy, board and C-suite diversity, work-related accidents, net new hires, and employee engagement. GPs track the agreed-upon metrics for their portfolio companies and report them in a standardized format. The data are shared directly with invested LPs, and aggregated into an anonymized benchmark by the EDCI’s administrator, Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Who | The EDCI’s members include 450+ GPs and LPs representing ~$28 trillion in assets under management. In addition, a number of investment advisers and consultants are aligned with the effort. Private Credit firms are welcome to join and leverage the benchmark to support lending decisions and ESG Data Platforms can join to visualize EDCI data in their platform.

ESG categories & metrics

GHG Emissions
Net Zero
Renewable Energy
Work-Related Accidents
Net New Hires
Employee Engagement

Join us and create your account

Becoming a member and getting started is easy:

  • Fill out our “Join Us” survey
  • Sign the Data Privacy agreement by checking the box at the bottom of the survey form to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions in order to formalize your membership (The EDCI Team will follow up via email with next steps)
  • Download data collection templates here and share with portfolio companies (if a participating GP)
  • Complete 2023 data collection by April 30, 2024 (if a participating GP)
General Partners

GPs struggle with a mounting volume of bespoke ESG data requests from their LPs, while their underlying portfolio companies navigate an increasingly complex set of ESG frameworks. In GPs’ interaction with current or prospective portfolio companies, they have been unable to draw on meaningful private market data to develop an understanding of their own relative performance on key dimensions.

The EDCI helps GPs address these challenges. It simplifies their process of reporting to LPs by using standard definitions and templated methods, enabling voluntary in-platform data sharing with LPs, and provides them with benchmark-driven insights into how their portfolio companies compare to their peers.

Limited Partners

LPs and investment managers have historically been unable to see meaningful, performance-based, and comparable ESG data across their portfolios.

The EDCI provides LPs with greater transparency on their portfolios by enabling industry-wide convergence on ESG metric collection and data submission. In addition, LPs can more effectively engage with their GPs based on an understanding of GP performance relative to the broader industry while requesting and accessing ESG data from their GPs directly in the EDCI platform.

Private Credit

Private Credit firms are increasingly needing to understand the ESG characteristics of the companies to which they are lending – both to enable their reporting requirements, and also to improve the quality of their investment decision making, effectively linking the cost of borrowing to the risk of the underlying assets. However, historically private credit funds have struggled to access this data, due to a lack of convergence around what to measure.

The EDCI has accelerated convergence around core ESG metrics for the private markets and is improving the availability of consistent, clearly defined, performance-based data. Private credit funds can join the initiative and benefit from accessing the EDCI benchmark, alongside requesting ESG data directly from participating PE GPs.

Data Platforms

Driving client engagement, increasing analytical functionality, and developing strategic partnerships are critical for ESG Data Platforms seeking to grow their business.

The EDCI offers Inbound and Outbound APIs which enable Data Platforms to connect with the EDCI to streamline EDCI data submissions for their clients while harnessing the benchmark’s data to unlock insights and increase engagement with EDCI member clients. Platforms are welcome to connect to one or both APIs.

Investment Consultants

Investment consultants have historically been unable to support their LP clients in harnessing meaningful, performance-based, and comparable ESG data across their portfolios, due to significant fragmentation in ESG data collection.

The EDCI enables ICs to support their LP clients in developing greater transparency on their portfolios by facilitating industry-wide convergence on ESG metric collection and data submission. In addition, ICs can harness the EDCI benchmark to support their LPs in better understanding their portfolios’ performance relative to the broader industry and identify opportunities for constructive engagement with underlying GPs.

EDCI Benchmark Overview

What our members are saying

“This is not a new framework or standard; it’s about harnessing the collective energy of investors to converge on existing ESG metrics. The intention is not to give a score or a ranking, but instead to provide better information about progress over time.”

Meg Starr
Global Head of Impact, Carlyle 

“Through this collaboration, we expect to push toward comparable ESG performance measurement and wider adoption of ESG as an integrated objective of PE investments.”

Peter Branner
Chief Investment Officer, APG

“By supporting the ESG Data Convergence Initiative, we are committed to achieving full ESG transparency. PGGM, as a member of the ESG Metrics Steering Group, will play a role in driving the private equity market toward making more and better ESG disclosures.”

Eric-Jan Vink
Head of Private Equity, PGGM

The core set of EDCI metrics gave us a great foundation to build on; we've sought to incorporate the EDCI benchmark into our internal scoring approach to enhance our understanding of how our companies are performing relative to peers.

Jessica Clavette

We would encourage all GPs just to get started and submit what data you can – the EDCI’s mantra is progress over perfection so you can start somewhere and build from there.

Allegra Day

The challenges that are experienced in collecting the data pales in comparison to the benefits that we’ve seen the EDCI unlock in enabling GPs to build their ESG practice and drive value.

Suzanne Tavill

Having the additional check on our data through the data validation process is helpful for our own internal checks and balances; the EDCI helps us build better quality data over time.

Sarah Pang
Affinity Equity Partners

EDCI helps us to have more targeted engagements with GP networks and helps to focus the discussion on the most meaningful metrics.

Thibaud Roulin

Current EDCI members

Currently, 450+ total members (320 GPs and 130 LPs/IMs) have committed to the EDCI, representing ~$28T USD of AUM worldwide.

Participating General Partners

320 Partners
  • Carlyle (Co-Chair)
  • 5square
  • ABC Impact
  • Accel-KKR
  • ACON Investments
  • Actis
  • Activate Capital
  • Adamantem Capital
  • Adelis Equity Partners
  • Advent Partners
  • AE Industrial Partners
  • AEA Investors LP
  • Affinity Equity Partners
  • Affirma Capital
  • Aksìa Sgr
  • Alantra Private Equity
  • Aliment Capital
  • Allegro Funds
  • Altor Equity Partners
  • Ambienta Sgr
  • American Industrial Partners
  • American Securities
  • Amulet Capital Partners
  • AnaCap
  • Ankur Capital
  • Antin Infrastructure Partners
  • Apheon
  • Apollo Global Management
  • Appian Capital Advisory LLP
  • Ara Partners
  • Arbor Investments Management, LLC
  • Archipelago Capital Partners
  • Ares Management
  • Arsenal Capital Partners
  • Assured Healthcare Partners
  • Astorg
  • Audax Private Equity
  • Australis Partners Advisers
  • Avista Capital Partners
  • Axcel Management
  • Bain Capital
  • Bansk Group
  • Baring Private Equity Asia
  • Base10 Partners
  • BayPine Capital
  • BC Partners
  • Berkshire Partners
  • Birch Hill Equity Partners
  • Blackstone
  • Blue Earth Capital
  • Blue Horizon Corporation AG
  • Blue Wolf Capital Partners
  • Bluegem Capital Partners
  • Blume Equity
  • Bonaccord Capital Partners
  • Boscalt
  • Bregal Investments
  • Bridge Investment Group
  • Bridgepoint Group Plc
  • Butterfly Equity
  • Capital Mazapil
  • CapMan
  • Capvis
  • Castik Capital
  • CBC Group
  • Centerbridge Partners
  • CenterOak Partners
  • Centre Lane Partners
  • Centre Partners
  • Centurium Capital
  • Cerberus Capital Management
  • CGE Partners
  • Charlesbank Capital Partners
  • Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP
  • ChrysCapital
  • Cinven
  • Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
  • Clearlake Capital Group
  • Climate Investment
  • Columna Capital
  • Corsair Capital
  • Court Square Capital Management
  • Creador Sdn Bhd
  • Cresta Fund Management
  • Crestview Partners
  • CVC
  • Cycle Capital
  • DAA Capital Partners
  • Denham Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Development Partners International
  • Dextra Partners
  • Direct Capital
  • DPE Deutsche Private Equity
  • e2p
  • Egeria
  • EIG
  • Elvaston Capital Management GmbH
  • Elysian Capital
  • EMH Partners
  • EMK Capital
  • Endless LLP
  • Energize Capital
  • Energy Capital Group
  • Energy Impact Partners LP
  • Enhanced Capital
  • EQT AB
  • Equistone
  • Everstone Group
  • Excelsior Capital Asia
  • Exponent
  • FCDE
  • Ferd AS
  • Fifth Wall
  • Firmament
  • Five Arrows
  • Forgepoint Capital
  • FountainVest Partners
  • Frazier Healthcare Partners
  • Freshstream
  • FSN Capital
  • FTV Capital
  • FullCycle Climate Partners
  • Future of Work Partners
  • Gallant Capital Partners, LLC
  • Georgian
  • GHO Capital
  • GI Partners
  • GK Ventures
  • Global Infrastructure Partners
  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • Grain Management LLC
  • Graphite Capital
  • Great Hill Partners
  • Greenlight Group
  • GREENPEAK Partners
  • Growth Capital Partners
  • GTCR
  • Heligan Investments LLP
  • Hellman & Friedman
  • Hg
  • HitecVision
  • HPE Growth
  • HPS Investment Partners, LLC
  • Huron Capital
  • Iberis Capital
  • idiCo
  • IK Partners
  • Impilo AB
  • Inflexion
  • Insight Partners
  • Instar Asset Management
  • InterAlpen Partners
  • Inverness Graham
  • Investcorp Holdings
  • Investindustrial
  • IP Group
  • J-Star Co. Ltd.
  • J.F. Lehman & Company
  • Keensight Capital
  • Kinderhook Industries
  • Kinzie Capital Partners LP
  • KLAR Partners
  • KYIP Capital SGR
  • L Catterton
  • LBO France
  • LDC
  • Leapfrog Investments
  • Leonard Green Partners
  • Lighthouse
  • Lightyear Capital
  • Lime Rock New Energy
  • Linden Capital Partners
  • Lindsay Goldberg
  • Linzor Capital
  • Littlejohn & Co., LLC
  • Livingbridge
  • Lombard Odier
  • Lone Star Funds
  • LongRange Capital
  • Lovell Minnick Partners
  • LS Power
  • Madison Dearborn Partners
  • Manna Tree Partners
  • Manulife Investment Management
  • Marlin Equity Partners
  • Mayfair Equity Partners
  • McRock Capital
  • Meanings Capital Partners
  • Mesirow Private Equity
  • MidEuropa
  • MKB
  • MML Capital Partners
  • Monk's Hill Ventures
  • Montagu Private Equity
  • Montefiore Investments
  • Monterro
  • Multi Green Properties
  • Mundi Ventures
  • Navigate Ventures
  • Navis Capital
  • NB Renaissance
  • New Mountain Capital
  • Next World LLC
  • NGP Energy Capital Management
  • Nordian Capital
  • Nordic Capital
  • NorthEdge
  • Northleaf Capital Partners
  • Norvestor
  • NPM Capital
  • Oakley Capital Ltd
  • Oaktree Capital Management
  • Onex
  • Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS)
  • Orion Resource Partners
  • PAG
  • PAI Partners
  • Paine Schwartz
  • Palatine Private Equity
  • Palistar Capital LP
  • Palladium Equity Partners
  • Paragon Partners
  • Parcom Capital Management
  • Passion Capital
  • Permira
  • Pioneer Point Partners
  • Piper PE
  • Polaris
  • Pollen Street Capital
  • Portobello Capital
  • PowerPlant Partners
  • Presidio Investors
  • Primavera Capital
  • Princeville Capital
  • Quadrant Private Equity
  • Quadriga Capital
  • Quantum Energy Partners
  • Quilvest Capital Partners
  • Renewal Funds
  • Resource Capital Funds
  • Ridgemont Equity Partners
  • Rivean Capital BV
  • Riverstone Holdings LLC
  • Roc Partners
  • Samara Capital
  • Sandbrook Capital
  • Sandbrook Capital
  • Scottish Equity Partners
  • Searchlight Capital Partners
  • SER Capital Partners
  • SIIF Impact Capital, Inc.
  • Silver Lake
  • Siris
  • SK Capital Partners
  • SkyKnight Capital
  • Sovereign Capital
  • Stanley Capital Partners
  • Sterling Organization
  • STG
  • Stirling Square Capital Partners
  • Strategic Value Partners, LLC
  • Suma Capital
  • Summa Equity
  • Synova
  • TA Associates
  • Tailwater Capital
  • Tailwind Capital
  • TDR Capital
  • Tenex Capital Management
  • The Jordan Company
  • The Lightsmith Group
  • The Riverside Company
  • The Rohatyn Group
  • The Westly Group
  • Tishman Speyer Properties
  • Tower Capital Asia
  • TowerBrook
  • TPG
  • Trill Impact
  • Triton Partners
  • Trivest
  • True North
  • Trustbridge Partners
  • TSG Consumer Partners
  • TZP Group
  • Unison Capital
  • UpperStage Capital
  • Vance Street Capital
  • Veritas Capital
  • Vespa Capital
  • Vestar Capital Partners
  • Vidia GmbH
  • Vista Equity Partners
  • Vitruvian Partners
  • Volery Capital Partners
  • Volpi Capital LLP
  • Waterman Capital
  • Waterpoint Lane
  • Wellington Management
  • Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
  • Wind Point Partners
  • WindRose Health Investors
  • Wynnchurch Capital
  • Ysios Capital
  • Z Capital Group, LLC

Participating Limited Partners & Investment Managers

130 Partners
  • CPP Investments (Co-Chair)
  • Abrdn
  • Adams Street Partners
  • Aegon Investment Management B.V.
  • Afore Sura
  • AIMCo
  • AlpInvest Partners
  • AltamarCAM Partners
  • AP2
  • AP3
  • AP4 (Fjärde AP-fonden)
  • AP6
  • APG
  • Arcano Partners
  • Argentum Asset Management
  • AustralianSuper
  • Azalea Investment Management Pte. Ltd.
  • Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK)
  • Border to Coast Pensions Partnership
  • Bregal Private Equity Partners
  • British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI)
  • Brunel Pension Partnership
  • CAAT Pension Plan
  • Caledonia Investments PLC
  • California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS)
  • Cambridge Associates
  • Cambridge University Endowment Fund
  • Canada Post Pension Plan
  • Capital Innovations
  • CDPQ
  • CF Private Equity
  • Church Commissioners for England
  • Church of England Pensions Board
  • Citibanamex Afore
  • Columbia Threadneedle Investments
  • Cubera Private Equity
  • Curo Capital
  • Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited
  • Desjardins Group Pension Plan
  • Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island
  • Enhanced Capital
  • Esses Capital Partners
  • Federated Hermes
  • Fondaco SGR
  • GCM Grosvenor
  • Glendower Capital
  • Golding Capital Partners
  • GroFin
  • Guy's and St. Thomas' Foundation
  • Hamilton Lane
  • HarbourVest Partners
  • Harvard Management Company
  • Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
  • HRM Pension Plan
  • HSBC
  • IH International Advisors
  • Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO)
  • Jada
  • Japan Investment Corporation
  • Japan Post Bank
  • Japan Post Insurance
  • Jasper Ridge Partners
  • Kinneret Group
  • KLP
  • Lægernes Pension
  • LGPS Central Limited
  • LGT Capital Partners
  • Local Pensions Partnership
  • Makena Capital Management
  • Man FRM
  • Meketa Investment Group
  • Menora Mivtachim
  • Mercer
  • Metlife Investment Management
  • Mizuho Bank
  • MN
  • Moonfare
  • Neuberger Berman
  • New York State Common Retirement Fund (NYSCRF)
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company
  • Nomura Asset Management
  • Nordea Bank
  • Norinchukin Bank
  • Norinchukin Zenkyoren Asset Management (NZAM)
  • Northleaf Capital Partners
  • Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation
  • Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
  • OPTrust
  • Pantheon Ventures
  • Pathway Capital Management
  • Pensioenfonds PGB
  • Pension Protection Fund
  • Pensionskasse der Credit Suisse Group (Schweiz)
  • Performance Equity Management
  • Permodalan Nasional Berhad
  • PGGM
  • Proteccion
  • PSP Investments
  • Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners
  • Rabo Investments
  • Sampension
  • San Francisco Employees' Retirement System (SFERS)
  • Schroders Capital
  • SEB Private Equity
  • Siguler Guff
  • Stafford Capital Partners
  • StepStone Group
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
  • SwanCap Investment Management S.A.
  • Tesi
  • The Guardian Life Insurance Company
  • The Pictet Group
  • Third Swedish National Pension Fund
  • Times 3 Capital
  • Trans-Canada Capital, Inc.
  • UBC Investment Management
  • Unigestion
  • United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
  • Universities Superannuation Scheme
  • University of Pennsylvania, Office of Investments
  • University Pension Plan Ontario
  • VidaCaixa
  • Washington State Investment Board
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Wilshire
  • WTW
  • YIELCO Investments AG