100+ LPs are now part of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative

The EDCI’s mission is to drive convergence around meaningful environmental, social, and governance metrics for the private markets. It generates actionable, performance-based insights based on comparable ESG data from more than 4,000 private companies – with participating firms from all over the world and across all sectors.

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The EDCI allows LPs, GPs, and their portfolio companies to benchmark their current position, streamline ESG data requests, enable greater data sharing from GPs, and generate progress toward ESG improvements.

The EDCI has several value propositions for LPs

The EDCI has several value propositions for LPs

Streamline Reporting

Simplify reporting processes by converging around the definition of key ESG metrics

Increased Transparency

Gain clear insight into ESG performance as it compares to a standardized benchmark

Improved ESG Goals

Drive and track progress towards future targets with robust trending data and YoY analysis

Increased Accountability from GPs

Enable data-driven decision making throughout the investment process

Better Engagement with GPs

Request data directly from EDCI member GPs through user-friendly in-portal request management functionality

Analysis of Financial Correlation

Creates an additional analytical lens to understand ESG’s correlation to financial performance, unlocking insights and value-creation opportunities

What EDCI members say about the initiative

Hear what members say about the EDCI

What does it mean for Limited Partners to be part of this initiative?

To participate, LPs agree to:

  • On a best efforts basis, where LP has relevant/ overlapping ESG data requests to GPs, align definitions with the EDCI’s definitions
  • Encourage underlying GPs to align with this effort
  • On a best efforts basis, encourage additional industry efforts to drive ESG information/ data request convergence
  • Be publicly associated with the initiative
  • Voluntary: serve on working groups or self-nominate to join the Steering Committee

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Use our interactive benchmark demo to learn more about how you can include the EDCI platform in your work.

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