See an example of the data, how it’s collected and submitted, and how it can be used.

Overview of the Benchmark collection process

Our benchmark methodology guarantees an accurate comparison to support in your strategic planning. Upon submission of the populated data template, BCG Expand will conduct a series of steps to prepare the data for the benchmark:

  1. Follow up if needed with the reporting member on validation steps to securely collect and map the GP data into the agreed taxonomy, ensuring:
    • Anonymized portfolio company names—if the names are not anonymized, the data is deleted and a new request will be shared with the submitting member
    • Data anomalies, blanks, nulls, and incorrect units
    • Instances that are internally inconsistent, for example, the number of women on a board exceeding the total number of board members
  2. Process data to aggregate it in anonymized form
    • Rescaling using business metrics such as revenues or FTE’s to account for company size and scale, creating main “benchmark” comparison point
    • Leveraging its core benchmark database processing capability and secure web-based front-end to provide dynamic access to the benchmark information
  3. Members will be onboarded onto the data portal, ensuring only aggregated data visible and members own portfolio specific data to allow for comparison against aggregated benchmarks
    • Manage permission to ensure secure access to the data
    • Ensure Quorum requirements and data access is controlled and limited to protect individually contributed datasets