Investment Consultants can join the EDCI to advise EDCI member LPs

The EDCI’s mission is to drive convergence around meaningful environmental, social, and governance metrics for the private markets. It generates actionable, performance-based insights based on comparable ESG data from more than 4,000 private companies – with participating firms from all over the world and across all sectors.

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The EDCI allows LPs, GPs, Investment Consultants, and portfolio companies to benchmark their current position, streamline ESG data requests, enable greater data sharing from GPs, and generate progress toward ESG improvements.

The EDCI has several value propositions for Investment Consultants

The ESG Data Convergence Initiative has a number of functions that are specifically tailored for Investment Consultants

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Investment Allocation

Advise LPs in allocating assets and granting mandates to managers while signaling firm commitment to ESG

ESG Assessment of Funds

Leverage private market data to advise LPs on private equity fund’s ESG positioning

Portfolio Impact

Drive measurable ESG impact over time – normalized at the sector, region, and revenue levels

Financial Outcomes

Better understand current ESG performance in the private markets and its link to financial outcomes

What EDCI members say about the initiative

Hear what members say about the EDCI

What does it mean for Investment Consultants to be part of this initiative?

To participate, Investment Consultants agree to:

  • On a best-efforts basis, where IC has relevant and/or overlapping ESG data requests, align definitions with the EDCI’s definitions
  • Encourage non-EDCI LP clients (and underlying GPs) to align with this effort
  • On a best-efforts basis, encourage additional industry efforts to drive convergence around ESG information and ESG data requests
  • Use the benchmark (or insights derived from the benchmark) externally only with LP clients that are current EDCI members (in their role as an Investment Consultant to these LPs)
  • Be publicly associated with the effort

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Use our interactive benchmark demo to learn more about how you can include the EDCI platform in your work.

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