Our yearly cycle

May – June

The metrics sprint

  • Full EDCI membership are provided opportunities (including surveys and focus groups) to share their experiences gathering data and their metric priorities (such as changes to metric definitions and potential new metrics for inclusion).
  • A shortlist of proposed changes (such as changes to metric definitions or potential new metrics) is developed by the Steering Committee based on a wide range of inputs (for example, member feedback and broader industry developments).
  • This shortlist of proposed changes is shared with EDCI members for their feedback and ranking.


New metrics confirmed and included

  • Based on EDCI member feedback, Steering Committee finalizes metric changes for following year (including changes to guidance and new metrics for inclusion).

May – August

Benchmark creation and publication

  • BCG Expand validates GP submissions and aggregates data into an anonymized benchmark.
  • Anonymized benchmark is shared with EDCI members via a secure portal.

September – April

Data collection

  • GPs collect ESG data from their portfolio companies, and submit to the EDCI by April 30.