Financial Sustainability

To ensure the EDCI is well positioned to sustain its current momentum, the Steering Committee has spent considerable time developing a plan to build financial sustainability for the initiative, so it can effectively support the private markets for years to come.

As such, starting in 2024, while all Private Equity GPs and LPs will be able to continue to benefit from membership of the EDCI free of charge, members can now choose to become premium EDCI members and gain access to additional value-added functionality. The fee to upgrade varies by fund AUM and is designed to cover initiative-related costs (not generating profit).

Read more about the EDCI’s path towards financial sustainability here.

Membership Options: Choose the right plan for your firm

Data Sharing for GPs and LPs

Members reported that challenges with sharing ESG data from GP to LP is their #1 pain point. This year, the EDCI has launched functionality to streamline the process.


Premium EDCI members can now proactively share and request data between GPs and LPs in a secure environment (all EDCI members – not just premium – can respond to data requests)


GPs retain full control over what and how they share data: selecting the funds, PortCos, and metrics they would like to share


All shared data has been validated by analysts at BCG Expand to ensure consistency with the EDCI Metrics Guidance


LPs can access portfolio dashboards and analytics on all shared data


Data is fully downloadable in a clean and easy to use template

See how the EDCI can streamline data sharing for your firm:

Custom API Connections

Not working with a tech platform to manage your data? The EDCI can build custom API integrations for your firm

Premium EDCI members with in-house data management systems can connect directly to the EDCI benchmarks. API integrations seamlessly pull EDCI dashboards and visualizations into your system.